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Paxvobis e. V.

Who we are

We are a group of committed volunteers organized in the nonprofit charitable organization Paxvobis e. V. and are dedicated to bringing hope to the poor and the unprivileged. Our special attention is on Pakistan and our work is rooted in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We improve the future prospects of unprivileged children and their families in Pakistan by providing good quality education. The experience of equality, respect, empathy and love will empower them, and contribute to overcome discrimination and to build peace.


Our logo has been designed by our member Affia Rose.

The logo is full of symbolism. It shows our Lord, Jesus Christ with open hands, ready to embrace. The head is part of the Christogram Chi-Rho (X-P).
Theological aspect: its rays and the color refer to Christ, who is the true light. Together with the wheat forming the X, they also refer to the holy Eucharist and the ostensory/monstrance.
Social aspect: we want to bring light in the darkness of the poor by providing good education, so that they will be able to earn their daily bread.

The mantle has the colors of Pakistan: green and white. In the Pakistani flag, green symbolizes the Muslims and white symbolizes the Christians, Hindus, and other religious minorities. In our logo, green and white are equally represented, signifying, that we want to treat everybody equally. The red color is a symbol for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The posture is dynamic and radiates hope.

As the Christogram is sometimes also read as abbreviation for “pax”, and the mantle has the shape of a “V”, it also points to Paxvobis, asking for Christ’s blessing that we may be dynamic and able to bring hope and build peace.


Picture of founding members after the foundation meeting
Founding members: Prof. Adelbert Denaux, Prof. Paul Mommaers,
Prof. Marcie Sires, Thomas Hermle, Affia Rose Hermle,
Fr. Bill Cao, Prof. Johan Verstraeten (left to right)

Paxvobis e.V. is a German nonprofit organization, and was founded on the 22nd of April, 2005 with founding members coming from Pakistan, Germany, United States of America, and Belgium. Our president is Prof. Adelbert Denaux from Belgium and we get/got support for our projects from different German parishes and organizations, as well as from our members and benefactors.