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Christmas Celebration 2022

Posted in Projects, and St. Peter's English Medium High School

The 17th of December was a fantastic day for the children of St Peter’s School. The children were ready for their Christmas play. Pupils and teachers celebrated Christmas in the true spirit of love, joy and peace. They expressed their talents in singing, dancing and acting. Their infectious smiles and laughter created a special atmosphere for the celebration. Even before the Christmas party, the children, dressed in colourful clothes, were jumping around the stage like little angels, eager to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Picture of smiling children
Assembly before the Christmas party

Teachers organised their pupils into groups and told them when to get ready for their turn. Pupils and teachers radiated happiness and enthusiasm to express themselves in different activities. The crib with the baby Jesus, St Joseph, St Mary and the shepherds was a heart-warming sight. There was such a joyful smile on everyone’s face.

Picture of the nativity scene with children dresses as shepherds, angels, St Mary and St Joseph
Nativity scene / Christmas play

The children could smell their favorite food, chicken buriyani (rice with meat). It is always amazing to see the happiness of these little ones as they look forward to their warm Christmas meal. 50 of the poorest children received warm sweaters to give them some protection from the cold winter days.

It was a successful event where teachers and Pupils had a lot of fun and the principal Thomsina truly appreciated the efforts of the pupils and teachers. She motivated everyone to follow the spirit of Christmas and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Our teachers were overjoyed to know that they will receive an extra salary for Christmas and a salary increase from January 2023 on. Thanks to the great generosity of our benefactors! With your donations you really make a difference in the lives of our teachers, students and their families.