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From Student to Teacher

Posted in Projects, and St. Peter's English Medium High School

Sunble Pervaiz entered the first grade at St. Peter’s English Medium Middle School in 2006. With her, her brother and sister also joined our school. The following pictures show a group picture of the school in December 2006 and Sunble’s entry in the class list of class one.

2006 School picture with all classes
Group picture 2006
2006 Class list of Class one with Sunble's name
Class one (2006) – Sunble Pervaiz

Sunble was our student until 2013. In the following gallery you can find some pictures from her years at St. Peter’s.

Sunble then moved on to Christ Church School and after two years continued on to The Limit Group of Colleges. After graduation, she returned to St. Peter’s English Medium High School as a teacher, where she teaches with great enthusiasm and success, as our board member Affia Rose Hermle could see for herself when she visited the school in September 2022.

She is very grateful that Paxvobis e. V. has supported and encouraged her on her way and hopes that many more of our children will follow her example. And we are grateful to Sunble and very proud of her.